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Endless Water – Installation Instructions + Tips and Tricks

Updated: May 1, 2018

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step toward an easier daily pet care routine by purchasing an Endless Water system! Next thing to do is to install your system.

1. Unbox and choose the location of where you will be mounting your system.

*To make the set-up process even easier, choose a location where there is an easily accessible water hose*

Endless Water systems come already assembled for a quick and easy set up process.

2. Check height and mark where the attachment ring will be placed.

Make sure to plan accordingly to your animal’s height, saves from drilling too many holes.

3. Screw attachment ring to pole, wall, etc where system is to be placed.

4. Slide Endless Water system into the attachment ring and adjust to desired height.

Make sure to center the attachment ring, placing the ring too high can make it less stable and might require extra support. We add a large zip tie to our own systems and installations to provide extra stability.

5. Connect water supply.

6. Turn on and introduce animals!

Remember, all animals adapt to new things at their own pace, gradually introduce them to it. For free range chickens our customers have had success in getting them to adapt by removing the previous water source and closing the door to the coop requiring the chickens to learn to use the new device under supervision. If they don’t immediately begin using the Endless Water system return their previous water device. Most chickens catch on very quickly, ours immediately began using the Endless Water system. Introducing dogs and cats to the system is even easier and most learn quickly.

For visual instructions, watch the video at the bottom. If further questions are required, feel free to contact us!

Thank you for choosing Endless Water!

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